Welcome to Road Stop Motors!

It’s great that your interest for extraordinary and extravagant vehicles has led you to us. As an independent trading company, we are able realise your personal dream car.
Here, you’ll find a summary of our services as well as information about our constantly updated stock of vehicles.

Out of a passion for extraordinary and rare cars, the dream grew to establish a place where such illustrious sounding and traditional manufacturers such as Corvette, Maserati, Cadillac, Jaguar, Hummer and Lotus can be found under one roof for every enthusiast.

Road Stop Motors is such a place.
Here, motorists will find their very own dream car. With its unique ambience, our showroom will transport you into a fascinating world of ‘exotic’ automobiles and childhood dreams.

Be inspired! We look forward to your visit!
Yours, Frank Römer

Sales of new and used vehicles

In our showroom you will find a constantly changing selection of new and used vehicles. In a fascinating atmosphere, we are happy to advise you in your purchasing decision. Of course, all vehicles which leave our premises are workshop-tested by specialists.

Trade-in vehicles

When you do find what you are looking for, nothing should stand in the way of making a purchase. For this reason, we are able to offer you a fair market price for your trade-in vehicle.

Vehicle placement

A special car needs a special owner. The search for a suitable buyer for your vehicle can be long and involved. With our extensive network and wide range of services, we are able to find a suitable buyer.


If a technical problem should occur after you have recently acquired your vehicle, there is no reason for concern. Whether it relates to a new car warranty, an add-on warranty for a new car or a used car warranty, our partners will offer you a warranty which is tailored to your vehicle.
This will be fast, easy and available anywhere.


Your vehicle is already something special. However, you will still want to give it your own personal touch. We are happy to help you find the right person who, in a reliable way, can make your ideas reality.

Registration and de-registration of vehicles

In order to make the day you collect your new vehicle as pleasant as possible, we are happy to deal with all the necessary formalities.
Whether your needs are for a customised registration, a short-term registration, a seasonal registration or an export registration, our reliable registration services can deal with the process anywhere and you can start immediately!
For de-registrations, our service team is of course available to you free of charge.


The local market for unusual and specialist vehicles is large one. However, we may have to import your vehicle from another country. We work with partner companies and long-term contacts to arrange importation promptly. Pivotal conversions as well as the necessary formalities are completed efficiently. For our customers this means a fast turn around in order that you can take possession of your new car quickly!

Search request

Every car enthusiast has his own precise idea of the vehicle which he would like to call his own. In so doing, he does not want to not make compromises. So if you do not find what you are looking for, we are happy to take on your search request.


We are constantly striving to make our sales showroom more attractive and more varied. As such, we are constantly looking for well-kept second hand vehicles. Have you decided to separate yourself from your vehicle? We will be happy to make you a fair offer and assure you that your transaction will be handled seriously and quickly.


If you have found your dream car here, it will need a sensible financing plan. Our partner banks are able to make you a tailor-made leasing and financing offer for your new acquisition. This way, you remain financially flexible and keep your cash for other purchases.


In the market for exceptional vehicles, insurance quotations can vary greatly. Let us help you find the right insurance partner. In doing so, we rely on our experience and customer recommendations.


You may have chosen to sell your vehicle yourself. The market for individual and extravagant cars is very difficult to value and is subject to large fluctuations, e.g. due to seasonal variations or statutory provisions. With this in mind, conventional valuation systems often reach their limits. The right price is crucial to the success of your project. With our experience and network, we can help with a free valuation.

Collect and bring service

If, due to time or other reasons, you cannot collect your new acquisition from us in person and/or bring your sold vehicle to us, we are happy to help. Depending on your needs, we can collect your vehicle from, or bring it to its destination by axle or pick-up truck.*

* We charge for this service depending on distance and the work that is involved.


The export of vehicles demands preparation and paperwork and this is often difficult to organize especially from abroad. We have the expertise necessary to deal with all the documentation associated with the export of vehicles. We can arrange everything from a license plate to registration documents smoothly and efficiently.

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